Orangutan Falls As He Desperately Tries To Stop Bulldozer Destroying His Home

International Animal Rescue has shared the harrowing footage of an incident that happened in Indonesia’s Sungai Putri forest, which happens to be one of the last orangutan habitats in the world.

This heartbreaking video shows that the forest’s resident orangutans are having a hard time surviving due to the rampant commercial exploitation of their habitat.

Source: Protect All Wildlife/Youtube

In this video, we see a lone orangutan confronting the humans who were wrecking his home with a bulldozer. The orangutan loses his mind when he sees his beautiful home being torn to shreds.

He desperately charges at the bulldozer and tries to fight off the machine, but he ends up falling from the tree as the claw hits him.

As if this wasn’t brutal enough, the merciless workers then proceed to shoo away the orangutan so that they can continue the destruction.

Source: Protect All Wildlife/Youtube

While the fate of the orangutan from this video is unknown, this clip has managed to stir the conscience of millions of people worldwide.

Activists claim that many illegal land clearing operations have been covertly carried out in this government protected area, causing many orangutans to face mounting uncertainties about their survival.

Source: Protect All Wildlife/Youtube

Experts claim that the increase in the demand for palm oil is a major cause behind the human invasion of these protected orangutan forests.

This video has gutted our souls. This planet belongs to every creature and we have no right to destroy wildlife habitats for our selfish needs.

Let’s unite and raise our voices against such predatory industrial practices.

Click the video below to watch the soul-crushing footage of the lone orangutan fighting to protect his home.

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