Owl’s About To Get Bathed With Squirt Bottle, Has Internet Cracking Up With His Reaction To It

This owl not only asked for water from the squirt bottle..

Owls are known to be highly intelligent birds with superb eyesight, making it a successful hunter in the wild. Like in J.K Rowling’s successful franchise, Harry Potter, people do keep owls as pets.

One pet owl named Curbie captured the hearts of netizens when a homemade video of him asking for water from a spray bottle went viral online. In the video, Curbie was seen flying onto his owner’s computer table from the sofa upon seeing the squirt bottle in his owner’s hand.

Upon landing onto his owner’s computer table, his owner proceeded to squirt the bottle lightly to allow Curbie to drink from the nozzle. Soon, Curbie has decided that his thirst was quenched and turned away from his owner for awhile. His owner waved the bottle to get his attention and soon started to spray him with water.

It was then that Curbie turned his face back to his owner and decided to take a bath at that moment. So Curbie started to spread his wings wide as his owner continued to spray him with water. He even shook off some excess water while maintaining his wing span and even turned his body to the side to allow the water to reach the side of his body!

During the “bath”, Curbie gnawed the spray bottle nozzle occasionally to tell his owner that he wanted a drink as well. When he decided that he was clean enough, he shook off any excess water for a final time before flying off the computer table! What a cutie!

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