Pair Of Curious Owls Discover A Camera – Put On A Show With Epic Dance-Off

GoPros are small cameras typically used during sports. Strapped to your body or your vehicle, GoPros capture all the action!

But one woman’s GoPro captured something very unexpected.

Wildlife photographer Megan Lorenz put a GoPro in her backyard and happened to record a pair of curious Burrowing Owls.

Source: GoPro/YouTube

The two owls discovered the GoPro camera that was hidden in the grass and began walking up to it with caution.

The leading owl tilted his head different ways as he tried to get a better view of what this mysterious device was.

The footage was hilariously edited and Aquadrop’s “Back and Forth” is playing in the background, which makes the video that much funnier!

Source: GoPro/YouTube

Burrowing owls are found throughout open landscape of North and South America, and unlike most owls, are often active during the day.

According to National Geographic, since owls can’t roll their eyes around the way we do, they have to move their entire head to get a good look around. They often twist their head and “bob and weave” to expand their field of view.

Source: GoPro/YouTube

So while it may look like dancing to us, it’s really just these curious owls trying to figure out what on Earth a GoPro is!

Nonetheless, it’s still a hilarious moment caught on video for all of us to see! Watch below:

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