Woman Finds Tiny Kitty Dying In A Dumpster, Then Discovers The Incredible Truth

A woman walking by a dumpster heard a faint mewing sound, and decided to follow it. It led her to a tiny, dying kitten, dumped cruelly in the dumpster.

The kitty was barely a week old, and his eyes were still closed. The woman had fostered animals before, so she took him home for care.

Source: Imgur/Vodkaholy

The woman was shocked to discover the bad shape the two-toned kitten was in. He had a broken foot, and had developed gangrene on his pack paw. But the woman resolved to nurse him back to health.

After the necessary medical attention, the woman would bottle-feed the kitten, and tend to his wounds every day. But even so, the poor kitten ended up losing his back paw.

Source: Imgur/Vodkaholy

But, the kind-hearted woman just wouldn’t give up. She named him Martyr, and cheered him on, as he found the will to survive. After months of fighting, Martyr finally recovered!

Source: Imgur/Vodkaholy

But, there was another surprise waiting for the woman. As it turns out, Martyr is a very rare Calico cat!

Apparently, only 1 out of every 3,000 calico cats is male. On top of that, Calico males having two-tone fur is almost an impossibility. So, that’s a lot of odds to beat!

Source: Imgur/Vodkaholy

The woman’s niece posted this incredible story online, and it instantly went viral. We too cannot believe this fateful turn of events.

We wish Martyr and his kind mama all the happiness in the world!

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