Poor Bella Was Chained Up – But She Dug A Hole For One Special Reason

Bella did what she could, even in the smelting heat.

Animal rescuers were recently called to tend to an emergency located in a dingy and dirty yard in Henderson, Texas – and they were shocked to find so many animals in need of help ASAP. A total of 46 animals were found on-site: 28 dogs, 9 kittens, 6 puppies, 2 cats, and 1 turtle. However, there were more that never made it as rescuers found multiple dead corpses scattered across the filthy property.

There was one animal which stood out – it was 5-year-old Siberian Husky mix Bella. Bella had been left cruelly chained up outside along with the rest, therefore the SPCA of Texas team had to use bolt-cutters to cut her free. The metal chains had actually rubbed some of the dogs’ necks raw! In addition, all of them were suffering from all sorts of health issues ranging from serious cases of hair loss, eye and ear infections, as well as flea and tick infestations. Most of the dogs were heart worm positive, and required medical treatment immediately.

Bella had actually made the effort to dig a hole for her puppies, just right beside where she was chained – to protect them from the heat. The puppies were only a few days’ old when they were rescued by the team.

Even though Bella herself wasn’t in a healthy state, she managed to do that – out of admirable motherly love!

Thanks to SPCA’s foster program, Bella and her puppies were able to get a second chance in finding suitable loving and forever homes they deserved.

Then there was great news- all of the puppies had been successfully adopted at an offsite event! Plus, their mother Bella was also adopted – through SPCA of Texas’s Foster Ambassador Program in which both programs were met with great success!

If you would like to help dogs just like Bella and her puppies, kindly make a donation to the nearest SPCA near you – every little thought counts!

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