Raccoon knocks on woman’s door every day, asks for food for her family

Everyday this woman has a special visitor who always knocks on her door. You need to see who it is, and what her request is!

Rocksy the raccoon pays a woman a visit everyday in order to ask the woman for food to feed her babies. You see, Rocksy has discovered that whenever the cat food bowl on the woman’s porch is empty, she can simply knock on the woman’s door, and the woman will refill it with food.

Each day, Rocksy picks up a nearby rock and knocks on the porch door. The woman has no clue how the raccoon learned to do this, but it’s certainly incredible!

Rocksy the raccoon is a loving mother, and you can rest assured that her babies have nothing to worry about. She’s one of the most clever animals I have ever seen, and because she’s adept at finding her babies food, her family is in good hands.

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