Why Dogs Do The Weird Things That They Do

Oftentimes, dog owners feel that no one is able to understand them like their dog does.

But when it comes to understanding our dogs back, do we really know what they’re trying to communicate?

From the more nuanced actions to the some of the most commonly misunderstood behaviors, check out this list to see if you understand your fur baby just as much as it understands you.

1. Circling Before Lying Down

Dogs love running in circles when they are full of energy – from chasing their own tails to the constant back-and-forth during a raucous game of fetch.

So why is it that dogs also walk in circles when they are about to lie down for a nap?


The answer is likely traced back to their evolution from their closest relatives, wolves.

Oftentimes, wolves will circle before lying down in order to create a more flattened bed for themselves out in the wild.

Despite the fact that we assume your living room isn’t covered in leaves and dirt, apparently the habit has just stuck over the years.

2. Head Tilting

Sometimes, it seems like our dogs imitate us. And speaking to a dog is no exception, as it sometimes leads to our furry friends demonstrating what we interpret as a human-like response.

Humans usually tilt their heads to show confusion, as if they are trying to solve a problem. When it comes to dogs, the reason for those heart-melting head tilts is pretty similar.


Researchers have found that dogs that tilt their heads are highly attuned to different sounds.

Their gentle tilt is their way of trying to figure out if you’re saying some of their buzzwords like “treat” or “walk.”

Researchers also say that dogs that tilt their heads more frequently are, oftentimes, smarter.

3. Playing Fetch

Playing fetch with your dog is the gift that keeps on giving.

You get to stand in place and just throw a ball repeatedly, and you also get to reap the benefits of having a nap-ready puppy afterwards.

But while you might be having a good time, your dog might not always feel the same way.


If you see your dog carrying a toy, your first assumption might be that they are looking to play a round of fetch. But that might not be true.

Sometimes, if a dog approaches you with a toy, it doesn’t mean they want it thrown. They actually want the opposite.

They want you to give you the toy so you can play too! Seriously, what did we do to deserve these little angels?!

4. Tongue Flicking

Have you ever noticed that your dog will sometimes approach you and flick its tongue out of its mouth?

Have you ever noticed that they tend to do this more after they have done something particularly bad?

Well, there is definitely a reason for that.


Flicking its tongue is a dog’s way of giving you a very heartfelt, and cute, apology.

Seeing this type of behavior from your dog is at least a little bit of comfort, as you can tell that they know that they have done something bad.

And sometimes we can all use just a little bit of comfort after finding that our furry baby had an accident on the floor.

5. Watching You Leave

Most of us would rather ditch all of our plans and hang out with our dog all day.

But, for those dog owners who do need to leave the house on occasion, they’ve probably noticed that when the time comes to leave, many dogs will just sit down and stare at their exiting owners.


It might seem like they’re angry at you for leaving, but this common dog behavior is actually a sign that they’re trusting of the the subject of their gaze, and they know they’re coming back.

They aren’t freaking out about you going, because they know they will see you soon. And we like to think maybe they’re just getting ready to cause some mischief while you’re gone.

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