Why Dogs Do The Weird Things That They Do

16. The Perpetual Pooch Pant

After running around the dog park or even taking a stroll around your neighborhood, you’re likely to notice your dog panting.

Like many humans, you may assume that this habitual dog behavior means they are out of breath. But think again.


Panting is a dog’s way of cooling itself down. The behavior does not necessarily mean it’s out of breath, it could just means that it’s running a bit hot.

Because dogs do not sweat, panting is really their only natural cooling mechanism.

That is why you may notice that on a hot day, your dog might just start panting out of the blue, even without going out for a walk.

17. Yawning in Public

Oddly enough, dogs exhibit different behaviors when they are relaxing inside their home than they do in the outside world, where they are surrounded by the buzz of new sights and smells.

For example, yawning in private is an expression of feeling totally comfortable, while yawning in public means something completely different.

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If you see your dog constantly yawning in public, it means they are not very comfortable in whatever situation they are in.

Their discomfort might be an indication that they are in a new place, or having a new experience.

It is nothing to be too concerned about, but during these moments a little reassurance can go a long way.

18. Lying At Your Feet

Sometimes, our four legged friends make it very clear that they want their owners to move their feet and take them on a walk.

And sometimes they just plop right down on our feet for a nap so that you can’t even move. Ever wonder why they pick such an inconvenient spot to rest?


Dogs often rest at your feet as a sign of protection. They  just want to make sure that they keep a watchful eye on their humans even when they are asleep.

Because they are doing this out of concern, if you decide to get up and move, they are totally fine with it.

They just love you and want what is best for you, what more could you ask for?

19. The Many Meanings of Barks

Being a dog parent can sometimes feel like being an actual parent to a baby.

Just like a human baby’s cries can mean a variety of different things, and indicate a ton of different wants and needs, a dog’s barks are not exactly straight forward either.


Depending on the situation, the sound of the bark, and what it is barking at, this popularly imitated dog behavior can actually hold various meaning.

Short, soft barks might your pup just wants to play or is seeking a little attention. Loud, rapid barks can serve as a sign of aggression, or possibly pain.

20. Following Into The Bathroom

Ever wonder why your pooch follows you into the bathroom?

While your dogs might come across as stage five clingers and privacy may feel like a thing of the past, there’s actually a reason they want to sneak a peek at what you’re getting up to behind closed doors.


Turns out a dog’s need to follow his owner into a bathroom all comes down to the animal’s wolf ancestry, and we know that wolves like to stick together in packs!

One thing you should watch out for is if your dog follows you incessantly and absolutely everywhere – that could mean he thinks his owner needs to be guarded at all times, or the four-legged friend is really insecure and needy.

Consult a veterinarian if you notice anything concerning.

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