Crazy Cat Naps: Hilarious Photos That Prove Cats Can Sleep Anywhere

The life of a cat must be nice. No responsibilities, just all day marathon naps. Anyone who has had a cat has come home to see their precious fur angel sleeping the day away.

But imagine the surprise that some of these cat owners had when they found their exhausted kittens taking cat naps and sun baths in these truly awkward, bizzare, and all around hilarious positions.

The photos they took of their cats sleeping will have you thinking of the term “taking a cat nap” in a whole new light, and will have you scratching your head wondering how these cats even managed to get into these positions, let alone sleep in them!

1. Netflix and Chill

We’ve all been there, when after a long day you just want to sprawl out on the couch and binge watch television for the rest of the day (and by rest of the day, we mean until you fall asleep remote-in-hand, staring at the TV from the couch).


In this way, this cute cat is like all of us, and almost everyone can relate. That is why one Reddit user posted this picture of his cat along with the caption “I think my cat is actually a tiny man in a cat suit.” And honestly, we think he just might be, too.

2. Cat-tus

That one has got to hurt! Nothing feels quite like pricking yourself on a cactus, so it’s hard to understand how this little kitten picked the top of a cactus plant as it’s perfect spot to get in a short nap in the middle of the day.


But despite taking a nap on this (actually not so prickly looking) prickly pear cactus, this adorable orange and white tabby cat seems quite comfortable to us! Sleeping in the grass can be relaxing, and this is basically… kind of… the same thing, right? Maybe not. Regardless, we definitely wouldn’t recommend trying this one at home.

3. Lettuce Take A Moment

This probably isn’t what you imagine when you think about a bed of lettuce! We don’t remember cats being on the menu of our local salad shop, so this topping seems a little odd. One user on Reddit posted this head scratching photo of his cat along with the caption “My cat fell asleep in my salad.”


We’ve all experienced that after lunch feeling, where all you want to do is bury your head in your food and take a quick cat nap. Well, if you are a cat, it seems like you can go right ahead and do just that. But if you’re this cat’s owner, it seems like you’ll have to go and get yourself another salad. Talk about health living though!

4. White Night

If you were just scrolling through cat photos, you might not even notice that there’s one in this photo! This white fluffy cat tree makes for the perfect hiding place for a white fluffy cat. And if you’re this particular white fluffy cat, it seems to also make the perfect place for a nap.


You can’t tell from this photo, but this heavy sleeper is a ragdoll cat named Manu. Manu’s human parents posted this photo on Instagram, along with a comment that explained that Manu may be getting just a little too big for his cat tree. We’ll have to agree on this one. But in our opinion, Manu doesn’t seem to mind one bit.

5. A Delicate Balance

Sometimes you have to take life one step at a time, other times you don’t make it that far. Apparently, this cat is having one of those days, and fell asleep right at the top of this staircase. And it looks this this fatigue feline has taken its passion for napping a step too far.

Flickr/Jaret S

Cats are known for their incredible ability to balance and land on their feet (among other things like being pretty cute sleepers), so this cat was safe on the banister. But that doesn’t mean that it probably gave its owner a shock when he was caught in this balancing act.

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