Why Dogs Do The Weird Things That They Do

11. Cuddling After Meals

We have all been there. Just as you finish eating a big meal, all of the energy seems to run out of you, and you cannot seem to find a bed to lie down on fast enough.

For dogs, the feeling is mutual. If your dog comes and cuddles you after eating, first, give yourself a pat on the back because you are definitely your dog’s favorite human.


After eating, dogs also seek to find comfort. So if you become the post-snack cuddle buddy, know you are a huge source of comfort for your pup.

But watch out!

If your dog does this too often you may want to check what you’re feeding them, not just because food should give them energy, but also because you don’t want to have to deal with any rather unpleasant scents.

12. Hidden Meaning of Howls

As the distant ancestors of wolves, it is no surprise that dogs have continued the (sometimes maybe slightly annoying) tradition of howling.

But while wolves use howling as a way to communicate or assert ownership over a piece of land, for dog’s the explanation is a little different.


When a dog is howling, it is basically having all “the feels.”

Just like it is helpful for us humans to get in a good cry, or scream, once in a while when you are alone and frustrated, dogs howl most of the time just because it feels good.

Instead of keeping it bottled inside, a howl is just a release of all that pent up pooch energy.

13. The Eyes Have It

One of the most common misconceptions about truly getting into the mind of a dog is to look at its tail.

And it is true, tail movement can tell you a lot about the mood of any dog or puppy.

But if you really want to know what man’s best friend is thinking, look elsewhere.


Like humans, you can tell a lot about what a dog is feeling based on their eyes. The rules work a lot like human eyes do too.

If the dog is excited, their eyes will look huge and will dart in all sorts of directions.

When they’re sad, dogs will direct their gaze toward the ground and their eyes will get a little smaller.

14. Going Belly Up

For many humans, you better not even think about touching our bellies.

For dogs, there is nothing better than when a human indulges them with a nice underside scratch down.

But dogs are saying much more when they go belly up in front of you.


When a dog ends up exposing his or her stomach to a human, they are indicating to their human friend that they have the highest level of trust and respect for you.

With this common dog behavior, they’re being submissive and playful. An added fun fact: When a house cat shows its stomach it’s also showing a level of trust, but petting that exposed belly is still a no-no, and breaks their trust.

15. Tales of the Tail

Everyone knows what it means when a dog’s tail wags frantically like a furry pendulum. They are expressing how happy they are!

But knowing the meanings behind some other tail movements could be helpful, especially when your dog is meeting other four legged friends.


When a dog’s tail sticks straight upward, it can indicate another sign of excitement, but not necessarily one happiness.

But if your dog is meeting a new friend and its tail is a little shaky, make sure to keep an eye on them.

This tail movement is canine demonstration that they are expecting a little push back from their new acquaintance, and you should, too.

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