Why Dogs Do The Weird Things That They Do

6. The Truth About Yawning

Dog yawns are probably just about the cutest things ever. And for puppies, a yawn indicates – like it does for just about everyone else – that they are a little bit sleepy.

But for adult dogs, yawning does not actually have anything to do with taking a nap.


Instead, when an adult dog yawns, it’s often a demonstration of how comfortable he or she feels around you.

Yawning is a submissive behavior in a dog’s mind. This means that when they yawn, they are showing some vulnerability and they are allowing you to witness it.

Yawns may not always indicate that a dog is tired, but we’ll never get tired of how cute they are!

7. Meaning Behind The Leaning

It is not uncommon for dog owners to feel the unmistakable weight of their pup leaning against their legs while halted at a crosswalk or during a quick break on bench.

But while humans might be used to this common canine behavior, oftentimes the meaning behind it is misunderstood.


No, just because your dog leans on you does not mean that they are tired, scared, or trying to show dominance. Instead, it can mean quite the opposite.

A lean is actually pretty equivalent to a hug from your furry friend. It is a gesture that shows how much they love you.

So the next time you feel a dog’s weight against your leg, lean with it!

8. Puppy Eyes

Dogs have a special knack for knowing just when to flash their irresistible puppy eyes.

They are so good at it, in fact, that people even mimic the puppy eyed look when trying to convince another party of adhering to their often pesky requests.

But when dogs throw you the puppy eyes, they are not actually begging.


In fact, puppy eyes are just a dog’s way of showing you they love you. They are not asking for anything but love!

You know the way you look at your dog and think to yourself “Wow, I just love you so much I don’t even know what to do about it”?

Well, when your dog gives you puppy eyes just know that they feel the exact same way about you.

9. Ear Flicking

When dogs flick their ears, it is commonly misunderstood by humans to be a sign that maybe their fur baby is not listening, having a spasm or maybe they are trying to ward of a pesky fly.

But none of those are the real explanations for why dogs are so prone to flicking their ears.


Doggy ear flicks are actually a great indicator that your dog is listening. This is especially true if they are hearing a new sound, anything from a new type of bird to a siren.

In fact, many animals, such as cats and rabbits, actually demonstrate this activity as well.

So if you think this subtle dog behavior is weird, know that it is actually the humans who are left out.

10. Chewing Furniture (And Just About Anything Else)

Many dog owners know the frustrating feeling of coming home – or even coming from the room next door – and finding that their dog has used furniture (or clothing, or paper products, or really anything within reach) as their own chew toy.

Depending on the owner’s taste in furniture, that could be a very expensive chew toy. But owners are not the only ones feeling frustrated.


A dog that constantly chews on furniture is trying to communicate that they are full of energy, and need a way to release all that pent up puppy playfulness.

An easy fix for a bad chewing habit is to spend more time at the dog park, or encourage more playtime.

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