Woman Play-Wrestles & Tickles A Squirrel & Makes The Squirrel Giggle And Laugh

If you’ve ever wondered what a squirrel’s laugh sounds like, we’ve found the perfect video for you! Rocky the 8-month-old squirrel lives like a pampered little princess with her mom.

The adorable critter is very demanding when it comes to getting her share of love and attention. This video captures her favorite pastime, which is bonding with Mom over cuddles and tickles!

Rocky adores it when Mom caresses her with her fingers and showers her with endless belly rubs. But for Rocky, the belly rubs end up hitting all her sensitive tickle spots – and she erupts in a fit of giggles!

We never knew what a squirrel’s laughter sounds like, and we were not disappointed!

Source: Cathy H/YouTube

Once Rocky and Mom engage in their cute tickling antics, there’s no stopping them! Rocky plays chase with Mom’s fingers as she scampers about the couch.

Mom eventually pins her down and drowns her in plentiful tickles, while Rocky’s squeaky laughter echoes across the room! And she keeps coming back for more!

Source: Cathy H/YouTube

Rocky reflexively jumping back and forth as she relishes those tickles takes this video to another level of wholesomeness!

She looks like she’s wrestling away Mom’s fingers and holding on to them at the same time! The easygoing friendship and comfort level they share is nothing like anything we’ve ever seen before!

Source: Cathy H/YouTube

Apart from those crazy squirrel chuckles, our favorite part of the video is when Rocky freezes like a statue upon spotting Mom’s crawling fingers approaching her!

This inseparable duo is blissfully lost in their fun game and we can watch them doing this all day! Don’t forget to tune up your volume for Rocky’s extraordinary giggles!

Click the video below to watch Rocky’s incredible laughter as she enjoys a wrestle and tickle session with Mom!

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