Dog Nags Dad Every Night To Tuck Him In So He Can Have Sweet Dreams

Dogs do the funniest things, and when their antics are captured on video for all the world to see, the results can be priceless.

When you see what this dog makes his owner do before bedtime, you will be convinced that dogs own our hearts.

There are a variety of reasons dogs want to sleep in bed with us, but this Shar-Pei takes his reason to a whole new level.

Source: PMG Radio/YouTube

He wants his owner to cover him up so he can squeeze in tight and be cozy, comfy, and warm.

First, this smart pooch stares at his owner, who is busy watching television. When the stare down doesn’t work, he takes it up a level.

Source: PMG Radio/YouTube

The dog taps on his owner’s arm, as if to say, “Hey Kevin, it’s time for our bedtime routine.” When that doesn’t work, he tries it again and again until he gets what he wants.

Source: PMG Radio/YouTube

As the owner reaches over to share his blanket, the dog curls up under it and makes himself right at home. We’ve got all the feels by now.

Witness this wrinkly-faced dog get his way and bond with his human in the video below.

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