Shar-Pei Picks Adorable Fight With a Strawberry & Everyone Wins

Dogs are man’s best friend for many reasons, but the things they do to make us laugh is high atop that list. From barking at their own reflection to hitting you with their paw for attention, dogs are a lot of fun. You can add the Shar-Pei featured in this story to the list of funniest dogs.

The Shar-Pei is an ancient Chinese breed with a broad muzzle, bluish-black tongue, and the most adorable folds of loose skin, particularly the squishy face. Known for their intelligence and vigor, the Shar-Pei is also perplexed whether a strawberry is a friend or a foe.

Source: Crinkle Cuts/YouTube

When you see the Shar-Pei in this video, you will wonder if being a comedian should go on the list of the breed’s traits.

As the dog looks at the strawberry, he is baffled. It looks like he is thinking, “what in the heck is this and what do I do with it?”

Source: Crinkle Cuts/YouTube

He bats his paw at it, tries to nibble it, and even flicks his tongue at it. Whether it’s the size, taste, texture, or maybe a combination of all that, this wrinkly cutie pie is having none of it!

Before you watch the video below, you might want to turn your volume up. His slurps and chomps are too cute for words!

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