Long Lost Trio Of Dogs Separated At Shelter Run Into Each Other In Another State

Marvin, Leo, and Murray were all surrendered last year to Dr. Doolittle’s Ranch in McAllen, Texas. Marvin is the father to Leo and Murray, and although all three found forever homes, they were not adopted together. Dr. Doolittle adopts dogs out to prospective owners all over the United States, so the dogs could have wound up living in any number of states.

Ironically, all three dogs were adopted to three different owners, but the owners all lived within the same area of New York City. Although the city is big, the new pet parents happen to live in the same neighborhood on the upper west side of Manhattan. What happened next plays out like a Disney feel-good movie.

Source: Inside Edition/YouTube

Not too long after Marvin was adopted, Leo found a home with Tara Derington, who lives in the same area. Derington called the rescue about a week later to ask for medical information on Leo, and she learned Leo’s dad was living in the neighborhood. Derington then encouraged her friend, Anne Sachs, to adopt Murray, who was still available. Murray seized the opportunity, and the trio was meant to meet up.

Recently, Leo was out walking with his mom when another dog began to sniff him. Derington began talking to the sniffing dog’s owners and realized it was Leo’s brother, Murray. Once they reached out to Marvin’s owners, they decided to get together for a family reunion.

Source: Inside Edition/YouTube

“It’s so exciting to see the dogs just so happy to be together,” Derington told Inside Edition. “It’s pretty special that we adopted three dogs all in the same family from Texas and ended up living in the same zip code.”

To see this incredible canine reunion, watch the video below. Have a great life, you three!

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