Shelter Employees Show Up To Work One Morning To A Taped Container Full Of Pups

Shelter employees at Paws and Hooves Rescue Foundation in Stilwell, Oklahoma, showed up to work one morning to a pink container taped shut.

They had a pretty good idea what may be inside but were still taken aback when they popped that lid off.

Paws and Hooves Rescue Foundation

The holes drilled into the side of the container hardly worked as the puppies gasped for air as soon as the lid was removed.

The pups were in desperate need of water and medical attention. When looked over by a vet, some of the puppies were found to be on the verge of death.

Paws and Hooves Rescue Foundation

But with lots of love and care, all of the pups pulled through thanks to the hard work of their caretakers!

The shelter made a public plea to not abandon animals so cruelly, and they hope this story serves as a lesson.

All of these puppies have been adopted into loving forever homes, but not all abandoned pets may be so lucky.

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