Wild Orangutan Extends Hand To Help Man Standing In Snake-Filled Waters

Anil Prabhakar was with some friends on safari in Borneo when he came across an unusual act of kindness.

Right there in the conservation forest, he witnessed a wild orangutan reaching out and offering his hand to a man standing waist-deep in the snake-filled waters.

Photo credit: SWNS

It turned out that man was a warden for the organization called the Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation, and he was in the process of clearing away snakes from the area to help protect the orangutans.

But this particular primate thought the man might need a hand.

Photo credit: SWNS

Anil watched as the man refused the orangutan’s hand and stepped aside, and he asked him why.

The warden said since it’s a wild animal and not one they’re familiar with, he couldn’t take the ape up on his offer. But the man continued his job to protect the local orangutans.

But how sweet! It just goes to show how smart and compassionate animals can be. 🙂

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