Hours Short Of Dying, Orphan Baby Otter Finds The Right House To Enter

A baby otter in Clay County, Florida, just south of Jacksonville, was wise beyond her years (or in her case, weeks!) She wandered into Tamera-Kay Greenwell and her husband’s garage one night in desperate need of care. At first, the Greenwells thought the little creature was a ferret. But upon closer inspection, they realized that the furball was, in fact, an otter.

The little baby, later named Daisy, had probably come into the house from a nearby creek, and Tamera-Kay gently bundled the little one up in a blanket and returned the little girl back to the creek hoping she would reunite with her mother.

Source: The Dodo via Tamera-Kay Greenwell

However, the little baby came right back to the Greenwell’s garage the next morning, and Tamera-Kay knew that this baby was an indeed an orphan. Being this young, Tamera-Kay knew that quick action was needed to ensure Daisy’s survival. She called animal control, who transported little Daisy to Clay Humane, Inc. for a full check-up.

Source: The Dodo via Tamera-Kay Greenwell

After an in-depth exam, Clay Humane said that aside from a cut on her ear, Daisy was in very good health. However, she wouldn’t have survived in the wild on her own. She was mere hours away from dying by either lack of nutrition or predators that populate the area.

Source: The Dodo via Tamera-Kay Greenwell

The video below of Daisy eagerly drinking formula from a special baby bottle is way too cute to miss!

Source: Clay Humane via Facebook

Daisy knew exactly whose house to visit in order to ensure that she would be well taken care of. Her innate sense of where to go for help is “otterly” amazing!

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