Stray Dogs Are Trained As Service Animals in Quezon City, Philippines

The Quezon City government has started to train rescued stray dogs as service animals. Mayor Joy Belmonte said the dogs are sheltered and listed as candidates for rehabilitation and adoption to become pets of families, emotional support dogs, or even bomb detection canines.

Before training the dogs, Belmonte said veterinarians ensure that the rescued animals undergo a comprehensive assessment, health check, and temperament test. “This is to determine if a dog is suitable as a pet or a community service canine,” she said.

According to the local government’s veterinary department, up to 57 dogs are being rescued
daily in Quezon City, including those who were surrendered by their owners.

Each dog will undergo a three-day observation and a safety assessment for the rehoming test that identifies the dog’s comfort level.

With restraint and touch, reaction to new experiences, including movement and sound stimuli, bite inhibition, behavior around food and toys, and the arousal level toward other animals.

The dogs will also undergo tests for common diseases such as parvovirus, distemper, transmissible venereal tumor, mange, and parasitism. Belmonte said only healthy dogs would be qualified for rehabilitation and adoption programs.

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