Nurse And Her Dog Reunited After The Camper Was Stolen With Her Pet Inside

All the belongings of a nurse were robbed, including her beloved dog, Bexley. She traveled
across the country to help others by working at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles.

She was worried that a reunion with her dog might never happen. But good news, after a
stressful search, Bexley was found on Monday.

The traveling pediatric nurse drove a camper from Florida to California with her dog Bexley to start work at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles two weeks ago. Early Sunday morning, she
returned to where she had parked her camper and found it was gone, stolen, with Bexley inside.

“I can’t eat or sleep. I’m just devastated. I’m so heartbroken”, Gray told Eyewitness News earlier on Monday. “I just want this to be over. This is a nightmare. I was like, this is not happening.”

She’s trying to find her and managed to find a security video of the dognappers for the last two days. Someone captivated her to a blue pickup truck and took off with Bexley inside.

“Bexley’s my world and so at this point, all I care about is her. I’m just wondering is she OK? Is she safe? Is she fed, is she taken care of? Did they drop her off on the side of the road?” Gray said. “I’ve just been searching nonstop.”

Unfortunately, the truck’s license plate is not visible in the video, but the camper is quite
distinctive has Florida license plates, and the word “Compact” is written in red.

Though the camper was full of Gray’s belongings from her guitar, piano, clothes, camera, and television, all that she wants is to bring Bexley back. Luckily, she got her wish late Monday night.

Bexley was in the safe hands of Los Angeles Police Department officers. The LAPD (Los Angeles Police Department) ended up locating the camper and Bexley in South L.A. A woman told the police she had bought it from a man for $500.

She’s seized for possessing stolen property, but authorities are still searching for the original thief.

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