Texas Woman With Dementia That Went Missing Was Rescued Through The Bark of Her Dog

A woman from Texas who suffered from dementia and went missing for three days was found last month while being bruised and dehydrated but fortunately safe and alive, after her dog’s barking helped and assisted the rescuers in tracking her down.

Sherry Noppe, a 63-year-old woman from Houston Texas left her home last week and took her black Labrador with her named Max for a stroll but unfortunately, the pair never returned.

For about three days, several volunteers and authorities had done their searching to finding
Noppe, who had been recently diagnosed with dementia. They eventually found her next to her three-year-old pet dog named Max in George Bush Park, with an expanse of 8,000-acre next to her home.

According to Michael England, her family friend who joined in the rescue and operation efforts, Noppe was found in the park several hundred yards away from her home.

“As they got closer to her, I think that’s what caused him to bark because he was protecting her,” the brother of Sherry Noppe, Justin Noppe told Khou. “So I do think his barking is what led those people to hear him and go in that area and find her.”

“So yes, I do believe that he saved her life. When they actually found her, they heard him growling and barking,” he added.

According to a police statement, Constable Ted Heap of Harris county said that Sherry Noppe was located at approximately 3 am on Friday by a group of tireless volunteers and deputies who were alerted by the sound of her dog, Max, barking in the woods.

Aside from little cuts and bruises, Noppe was not really injured. She was admitted to the hospital due to dehydration and eventually given fluids.

“She’s doing surprisingly well for how long she’s been out there and the conditions that we were expecting: the heat, the rain,” Courtney Noppe said, Sherry Noppe’s daughter. “We’re very grateful.”

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