Owner Leaves 2 Dogs Locked In Crate In Hot Sun, One Dog Dies & Other Critical

Tanya Strickland from Tampa was driving to the church with her kids when they spotted a crate left outside without cover in the hot Florida sun.

Tanya and her kids rushed to the overheated crate to find 2 matted dogs panting and suffocating inside.

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Source: Maxx & Me Pet Rescue/Facebook


The dogs, who seemed to be Yorkshire Terriers, were covered in ants, feces and urine. They had no access to water or food.

Tanya rescued them and helped them get emergency treatment at Pasco Animal Services, but it was too late for one of the dogs, who died of a severe heatstroke.

The surviving dog was named Eli and taken in by Tampa’s “Maxx and Me Pet Rescue”. His dirty fur has been shaved off and his health is on the mend.

Eli is a sweet baby who showers every human  he meets with face licks! The shelter has put him up for adoption.


Source: Maxx & Me Pet Rescue/Facebook


The Pasco County Animal Services are hoping to find the person responsible for torturing and abandoning these animals.

Leaving an animal to die such horrific deaths is really one of the most sickening acts ever. We hope the person is caught soon.

Spread the word so that it reaches far and wide and the cruel abuser is caught.

Check out the video below to watch the heartbreaking condition in which the dogs were found.

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