Teen Gives Her Tiny Pup Vodka, Films It & Laughs As He Shakes Uncontrollably

A Ukranian teen has been charge with animal cruelty after she filmed herself feeding her puppy vodka as a ‘prank.’

The 18-year-old uploaded the video to social media so her friends could laugh along with her. In the video, the teen poured the booze in a bowl and gave it to her tiny puppy.

News 247 Live/Youtube

“Here is some vodka for my beloved pet,” she said. “Now we are going to find out how it will affect him.”

She then begins laughing as the dog drinks from the bowl and runs away, shaking uncontrollably.

Luckily, the police were able to track down the teen and confront her.

News 247 Live/Youtube

“It was a game,” she told cops, according to Daily Star. “My friends and I were challenging each other with different tasks. I was told to get my dog drunk. I regret what I did.”

She was charged with animal cruelty, and thankfully the puppy is fine.

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