Prominent Trainer Stabs Dog To Death Using Pocket Knife For “Euthanasia”

Alan Cumberland is the owner of Cumberland K-9 Academy in Glasgow, Kentucky. Police arrested Cumberland recently after he stabbed and killed a dog using a pocket knife.

Police were called to a location after receiving a report of dog abuse. On arrival, Cumberland was lying on top of a dog that seemed to be trying to get out from underneath the man.

Source: Cumberland K-9 Academy/Facebook

He told police the dog attacked him so he twisted his collar to try to get him to comply. He went on to say he performed a “heart stick” and since he didn’t have a needle to euthanize the dog, he stabbed the animal to death.

Cumberland admitted he lay on top of the body until he felt the dog was dead. The story witnesses tell, however, is a completely different one.

Source: Cumberland K-9 Academy/Facebook

People who watched the incident from across the street say the dog showed no signs of aggression toward Cumberland. On further investigation, Cumberland had no evidence of bite marks or signs of a dog attack.

The 53-year-old man was arrested on charges of torturing a dog with serious injury/death, menacing and second-degree disorderly conduct. Two other dogs on his property were subsequently removed.

Source: Cumberland K-9 Academy/Facebook

He was booked into a local detention center on a $1,500 bond. This isn’t the first time Cumberland has been arrested. In 2016, he plead guilty to arson charges and cruelty to animals.

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