Top Internet Pet Myths… Debunked!

Regardless of whether you own a pet that barks or purrs, you still have probably heard a myth or two about them. Even the most experienced, well-intentioned pet owners can get it wrong sometimes.

We often turn to the internet these days to do research ourselves. True, the internet is a great way to learn, but there's a ton of myths and misinformation out there.

Whether through a well-intentioned friend or a random Internet forum, it is very likely that you have come across some of the numerous everlasting myths about pets. Some of them are simply amusing, but others pose serious risks to your beloved companion’s health.

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Here's veterinarian Dr. Andy Roark to share 6 common internet pet myths that won't seem to go away!

Not only is Dr. Roark awesome at giving people good information via videos, but he also makes it so entertaining. It's truly a rare gift and he has in abundance!

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