‘Unluckiest Dog’ Looking For New Forever Home After Being Found Protecting Owner Who Passed Away

Dogs are so loyal and protective, they always want to be by our side — right to the very end. It’s a bittersweet sight, but many dogs have been found loyally by their owner’s side after they pass away, as if still protecting them.

Like one dog, who was found by his deceased owner’s side, and is now trying to find a new forever home.

Dillon is a 9-year-old Lurcher who came to the National Animal Welfare Trust, in Cornwall, England, two years ago, after his previous owner died.

The loyal dog was still by the elderly man’s side when they found him: “He was found lying with his owner who had passed away, and was obviously protecting him right up until he couldn’t anymore,” Amy Hall, Fundraising and Supporter Relations Officer for NAWT, told The Mirror. “Which was very sad.”

“At just 7 years old this was a huge loss for Dillon,” NAWT wrote on Facebook.

Sadly, things haven’t gotten much easier for Dillon: the shelter has had a difficult time rehoming the dog.

He has been called “Britain’s Unluckiest Dog,” passed over by adopters for two years. “He has seen countless dogs come and go and yet still he waits for his turn,” NAWT wrote.

Complicating the search is the fact that Dillon cannot live in a household with other dogs or young children. “Dillon was on his own with his owner and had a huge bond with his previous owner as it was just the two of them,” NAWT explains. “He never lived with other dogs or children.”

And at the age of 9, he’s no pup: older dogs tend to have a harder time getting adopted.

But despite his age, Dillon still has the energy and playfulness of a puppy. It’s just a matter of finding someone who wants an older dog with a young soul.

“The thing with his age is he attracts people looking for more of a dog that sits with you, whereas Dillon in his heart is still a bit of a puppy,” Amy told The Mirror. “He will settle down with you and relax too, but he likes to go out in the fields and have a nice walk – after which he likes to just chill.”

“He’s just a lovely big puppy at heart.”

We hope that Dillon finds a loving forever home soon! If you are in Cornwall and think you could be the right family for Dillon, you can reach out to the National Animal Welfare Trust.

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