We’re In Tears As An Elderly Dog Who Has Spent Seven Years In The Shelter Receives A Surprise Weekend Getaway

As much as we’d want to believe that all rescue dogs are adopted by their forever families the moment they appear on adoption websites, the truth couldn’t be further from the truth. Leroy, for instance, is just one dog who has been looking for his ideal companion for 7 years.

It must be challenging for him to spend most of his life in a shelter, but @stephaniemunro7 of Dog Tales Rescue and Sanctuary gave him a memorable weekend. We fell head over heels for each other during our brief stay in a cabin on a lake.

Stephanie has a pure heart for Leroy to do something so wonderful for him. He deserves it so much! In spite of the fact that this film has the potential to change that, the good boy has been in a shelter for far too long.


Will Leroy ever find his forever family?

♬ Wash. – Bon Iver

“Where is Leroy?” was a question from commenter @mypetlights, but other viewers quickly made the connection. Dog Tales Rescue and Sanctuary is located in King City, Ontario, which is about an hour north of Toronto. Leroy is available for adoption in the ideal situation based on his affinity for the lake. Just ask Stephanie—he’d be the coolest cabin friend ever!

“Oh my ❤️what a gentleman, ” @nellie44289 commented. “Happy u took him for a retreat but makes me so sad that it’s gonna end and he has to go back🥺.” 

We hope that this trip (and this video) will make it easier for Leroy to find his forever family. Thank you, Stephanie.

SOURCE: PetHelpful

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