Greyhound And Pug’s Adorable First Look At Their New Backyard

The best is what parents constantly want to provide for their kids. And of course, that includes kids with pets. Fortunately, introducing your pet to the outside world is not too difficult. Sometimes a backyard is all you need.

For instance, @milliethenoodlehorse’s parents on TikTok recently relocated to a new house. Since acquiring Millie, their Greyhound, they have relocated twice, but Millie didn’t have a backyard. So Millie is in for a pleasant surprise in this video, which has received over 6.5 million views.

Aww! At first, Millie’s sadness over the move broke our hearts, but everything turned out for the best in the end. Millie adores her new house! Her Pug sibling is also enjoying it. “The fact that the pug tried to keep up 😂,” according to @smokeyandmaia. She was making a lot of effort to keep up with the lightning-quick Millie!

“Nothing is better than a dog getting the back yard they deserve ♥️,” according to @ceb_3. Can’t you see how much she’s enjoying it? @ignorethisjustwatch continued, “I bet she loves the yard! So much room to roam around in!” Even the creator claimed to be in noodle paradise. After all those moves, she certainly deserved this space!

“Welcome home Millie!!!” a comment from Bark Box’s official TikTok account, @bark. A big welcome home from all of us. Enjoy your ample room, Millie!

SOURCE: PetHelpful

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