Puppy With Gorgeous Eyes Is Everyone’s Favorite, But Some People Hate Her

Winnie is a 3-month-old Cocker Spaniel who is gifted with the most dazzling, beautiful eyes. This lovely puppy has become a massive internet sensation owing to her irresistibly photogenic features!




Winnie was born on October 28, 2019, and she was quite the stunner even as a newborn. As she started growing up, her parents noticed that their little puppy’s eyes were unconventionally appealing.

One look at Winnie and we can tell that she is one doe-eyed princess! Her wide-set hazel eyes are further accentuated by her delicate lashes. Combined together, they give her one the most mesmerizing gazes we’ve ever seen!




One of Winnie’s most viral photos is where she stares into the camera with utter innocence. She looks like a princess straight out of a fairy tale, doesn’t she?




In fact, many star-struck netizens have compared her captivating and expressive eyes to that of a fairy tale princess from a “Disney” movie!




However, some people on the internet were bitter enough to question the “realness” behind Winnie’s breathtaking eyes. They claim that her eyes were digitally modified!




But Winnie’s die-hard followers have seen enough impromptu videos and photos of the starry-eyed pup to know that she is very much real. You ignore the haters and keep shining, Winnie! We love you!

Click the video below to watch Winnie’s gorgeous eyes overflowing with heart-melting cuteness!

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