Woman Adopts 26 Pets & Turns Her Home Into A Sanctuary For Special Needs Animals

Nicole Wulfekuhle loves animals, so much that she decided to dedicate her life to saving them and has turned her home into an animal sanctuary.

Since 2016, the animal-lover has adopted 26 pets, who all reside with her in her Minnesota home.

Lennon’s Legacy Sanctuary/Facebook

It all started when she went to pick up her two cats from boarding, and saw a blind kitten who was in need of fostering. She adopted the kitten, who ended up being the first of many animals that she would save.

As she began rescuing and adopting more animals, she registered her home as a non-profit sanctuary called “Lennon’s Legacy.” She chose this name to honor a blind and deaf Indian street dog who she helped greatly before he sadly passed away after having a seizure.

Lennon’s Legacy/Facebook

Some of Wulfekuhle’s rescue animals include a cat named Belle who needs a wheelchair to get around, and a blind puppy with bowed legs named Jude, who was found emaciated, dehydrated and with ruptured eyes due to trauma.

She also has 20 other cats, a couple dogs, and two goats. To say she has a full house is an understatement!

Lennon’s Legacy/Facebook

Many of the animals that she rescues had no other options left but euthanasia, and she has given them all a new lease on life. The mission of Lennon’s Legacy is to care for these pets, while raising awareness of the beauty of special needs animals.

Click here to learn more about Lennon’s Legacy and to follow the journey of all of her rescue pets.

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