Yorkie Finds His Way Back Home 13 Years After He Was Stolen From Family’s Yard

13 years ago, a Yorkie named Connor was stolen right out of his front yard while his teenage owner watched in horror.

A red Dodge pick-up truck pulled up in front of the home and scooped up the little pup from their front yard. The teen yelled through the window as the truck drove away with his furry best friend.

He and his mom, veterinarian Karen Fox, quickly got into their car and drove after the pick-up truck, but were never able to catch them. They searched everywhere for their beloved Connor, but to no avail.

Fox’s husband, Timothy, was especially heartbroken. He shared a special bond with Connor and would sit in his recliner every day after work and brush Connor.

Sadly, Timothy passed away four years ago, never having known what happened to Connor.

But last week, nearly 13 years after Connor was stolen, Fox got a call from a microchip company and another from Metro Nashville Animal Control, saying that they had found Connor.

Fox was amazed and couldn’t believe it. Fox reunited with now 16-year-old Connor, who walked into Fox’s lap and licked her face, seemingly remembering his human mom.

Fox was ecstatic to have her fur baby back but cried knowing that her husband wasn’t here to share this special moment with them.

Connor was brought into animal control by a woman who saw him wandering around her neighborhood. It’s unknown where Connor has been the past 13 years, but what matters most is that he is now safe and back with is family where he belongs!

H/T to Tennessean.

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