Reckless Woman Drags Tiny Dog On Leash While Cycling On Busy Street On Hot Day

A motorist has shared a disturbing footage captured on the streets of Plymouth, Devon.

The person was passing through a busy roundabout, when he noticed a woman cycling while dragging her tiny dog on leash behind her.

She held the dog’s leash with her left hand, while the 2:30 PM heat was visibly taking a toll on the dog.

Source: SWNS/Youtube

In this video, we see the dog having a hard time while trying his best to keep up with his speeding owner.

The poor creature hustles his dainty paws in the blistering heat, but his owner shows him no mercy.

At one point, the cyclist even lifts her left hand to signal at a turn, leaving the dog’s safety completely compromised.

Source: SWNS/Youtube

The motorist eventually stopped and confronted the woman for her reckless and abusive handling of her dog. But the woman boldly retorted and said that she saw “no fault” in her actions.

As the traffic was piling up, the woman sped away and the motorist was unable to do anything about the situation.

Source: SWNS/Youtube

This viral video has left many animal lovers shocked at the plain brutality and callousness shown by the woman toward her helpless furry companion.

While such form of animal cruelty is banned in many countries, some places are yet to have explicit laws to penalize such behavior.

Let’s raise our voices for strict punishment against animal cruelty.

Click the video below to watch the heartbreaking footage of the cycling woman dragging her dog on a leash.

WARNING: The contents of this video may be disturbing to some viewers.

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