Mom Questions Dogs About Mess, Dogs Play Dead To Avoid Blame And It’s Hilarious

Some dogs are masters at getting out of a tight spot. Two Bulldogs names Sophia and Oliver proved their criminal minds are two steps ahead of their parents by the way they responded when interrogated about the mess in the living room.

Sophia and Oliver’s parents walk into the living room to find a nice little mess. It seems the two dogs have gotten into the clothes hamper and had their way with it. But when the questioning began, these two pooches knew all too well how to get away with it.

As soon as mom begins the interrogation, both dogs flop on their backs and play dead. No one’s going to punish two ‘dead dogs,’ they think. Smart as they are, mom has another trick up her sleeve. She calls out to the two dogs asking who wants a snack!

That’s all it takes for the two pooches to get back on their feet. Can’t miss out on those yummy snacks! But as soon as mom questions them about the mess again, back they go on their backs, playing dead! These dogs sure had me giggling at my computer screen!

Check out the video below to watch these two criminal masterminds’ shenanigans in the living room!

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