Woman Battles Python, Trying To Loosen His Tight Grip On Her Puppy’s Limp Body

Jasper, a nine-week-old German Shepherd-Staffordshire Bull Terrier mix, was sniffing around his Queensland, Australia backyard when a carpet python slithered out of a nearby bush and wrapped itself around him.

Jasper struggled to break free and eventually laid down on his side, succumbing to the python’s strength as he cried out for help.

Luckily, his owner Michelle van Schouwen heard his little cries and ran outside to see what was the matter.

Source: Wolf Hope/Youtube

“I got to the end of the patio and I sort of just froze and then screamed because I just saw this…python wrapping all around him,” van Schouwen told 7News.

As soon as she realized what was happening, she hit the snake with a cardboard Christmas wrapper roll, but it just tightened its grip around her beloved puppy.

Source: Wolf Hope/Youtube

She then grabbed ahold of the snake’s body and rigorously shook him until it let go of the dog.

Jasper was bitten on his ear, but has since recovered and was otherwise unharmed, thanks to his owner’s quick actions. The snake was also OK and safely relocated after the incident.

Source: Dailystar

According to snake relocation expert Stuart McKenzie, there has been a rise in snake attacks on cats and dogs in recent days. He advises pet owners to keep a close watch on their animals, especially if they are small.

The scary ordeal was caught on surveillance footage, which you can watch in the video below.

H/T to Newsweek.

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