Rancher Says If Cops Don’t Come Get Box Of Abandoned Pups He’s Not Keeping Them

Police officers are responsible for many community crimes and activities, but one group of officers never expected to become a part of a puppy rescue call in their region.

The Goodyear Police Department of Goodyear, Arizona, reported earlier this year they responded to a call about abandoned puppies on a dirt road. The rancher who found the little ones didn’t know what to do with them, but he could not keep them.

Source: Goodyear Police Department/Facebook

He told officers he was calling them for help so they were not left unattended by themselves in the dark night on a rural road. There is no way the pups would have survived on their own due to the location, their size, and their age.

Officers responded to the scene and found a small, torn cardboard box that once contained the pups. An empty bag of food was placed next to the box.

Source: Goodyear Police Department/Facebook

Nearby in a large, thorny brush the cops found all of the little ones, who were stable and doing fine. They put the babies into a plastic bin and called a local animal hospital who refused to accept the pups.

Amazingly, a family member of one of the Goodyear police officers agreed to bring the pups to her home and nurse them to good health. The random act of kindness had a ripple effect.

Source: Goodyear Police Department/Facebook

About 24 hours later, officers and members of the Goodyear Police Department stepped up to help. One by one, each of the furbabies found a new home with one of the officers.

Thanks to everyone who came together to save the puppies. We remind our readers to get in touch with local animal control or a local rescue if you can no longer care for your pets.

It is never a viable option to abandon or dump an innocent animal, as the outcome will likely be harm, abuse, death, or all three.

H/T: Goodyear Police Department/Facebook

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