Pit Bull Returned To City Shelter Twice Is Inconsolable And Just Wants A Home

Raven, a beautiful and sweet Pit Bull, has had a rough go at life. She had been adopted then returned to the shelter, not once, but twice.

To say she was heartbroken is an understatement. Raven’s shelter experience was like many other dogs like her. Her stress levels were through the roof.

A lot of shelters are loud, miserable places. Raven and her spirit deteriorated day by day. Thankfully, a kind man heard about Raven and decided to foster her. He strongly believed that being inside a home would do wonders for her.

Source: The Dodo, Raven’s Story/YouTube

Once she went home with her new foster dad, it took time but Raven began to come out of her shell. Her foster dad talks about Raven in the video below and describes her as a big goof ball.

She was able to finally be herself and interrupting her new foster dad’s yoga sessions was a favorite past time.

Source: The Dodo, Raven’s Story/YouTube

Despite all of Raven’s gains, she still had trouble trusting her new foster siblings. She was anxious around the other dogs and this caused a lot of agitation. Raven would bark at the other dogs and act erratically.

People who don’t understand dogs could mistake this as aggression but it was not. It was purely Raven’s way of coping with the situation.

Source: The Dodo, Raven’s Story/YouTube

For weeks, Raven’s foster dad worked with her daily. He tried his best to socialize Raven and get her to trust the other dogs but it was an uphill battle.

He tried using the backyard as a neutral territory but it didn’t work. He then tried bringing Raven back inside the house, on a leash, and he’d put the dogs together for a short amount of time.

It didn’t go as planned. But Raven’s foster dad didn’t quit! He kept at this routine and it finally started to pay off. Raven even remained calm while in their vicinity in the backyard. She was truly making a lot of progress.

Source: The Dodo, Raven’s Story/YouTube

Raven was able to be around the dogs without acting out but it was obvious she was really only happy when she was only around people.

This concerned her foster dad because finding a family that would adopt her that had no other pets was quite difficult.

Source: The Dodo, Raven’s Story/YouTube

But then, thankfully, Raven’s foster dad received a call by a young family without pets willing to try a foster to adopt trial. This was Raven’s big chance!

The family has a little girl that was immediately head over heels for Raven. Raven could be doing just about anything and that kid would giggle and light up with pure joy.

Source: The Dodo, Raven’s Story/YouTube

Raven’s foster dad kept his fingers crossed and then checked with the family a week later. He was so afraid that Raven would never find a home. What happens next is pure magic.

Fostering animals makes a huge difference! To see how Raven’s story ends, check out the video by The Dodo below!

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