Rafter Prevents Coyote Pup From Drowning & Takes Him On 10-Day River Voyage

A volunteer with the Wildlife Rehabilitation Society of Saskatchewan was taking a multi-day rafting trip down a river in Saskatchewan, Canada.

As he paddled along, the man, named Justin, heard a rustling noise from the shoreline.

He parked his raft and decided to hike up to a higher location to see if he could find the source of the commotion.

He saw nothing and continued along. Later, as he was fishing he heard a squeaking noise.

Source: Wildlife Rehabilitation Society of Saskatchewan/Facebook

There in the river, he saw some kind of animal with its nose barely emerging from the dark, murky water.

As Justin tried to take a closer look, he fell into the cold water and found the animal.

It was a coyote pup who was unconscious and not breathing. Justin hurriedly placed the pup in his raft and began CPR and a modified Heimlich maneuver on his little body.

Source: Wildlife Rehabilitation Society of Saskatchewan/Facebook

After several compressions, the little coyote pup squirted water from his mouth. Justin and the pup ventured to land so he could make a fire and try to warm the little guy up.

Since Justin was rafting for 10 days and had limited cell service, he decided to take the coyote pup along and care for him throughout his adventure.

He named the pup YipYip and eventually got a place he could phone for help.

Source: Wildlife Rehabilitation Society of Saskatchewan/Facebook

YipYip is now in the care of a rehabilitation person who will care for him until he can return to the wild.

On their Facebook page, the Wildlife Rehabilitation Society of Saskatchewan shared, “If it wasn’t for the wonderfully caring Justin, little YipYip would have perished in the river. Thank you Justin!”

What an incredible adventure these two had together!

H/T: Wildlife Rehabilitation Society of SaskatchewanPEOPLE

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