Owner Throws Dog Out Of Car As She’s Giving Birth, 5 Pups Die & Mama Dog Critical

A 4-year-old Pit Bull named Elle was in the middle of giving birth when she was pushed out of the car on a vacant lot in North Toledo.

Two newborn puppies were with her and she was in excruciating pain while trying to birth the rest. A passerby witnessed this horrific incident and called the authorities.

Elle was taken in by Toledo Area Humane Society for emergency care.

Source: 13abc

At the hospital, an X-ray revealed that the third puppy was stuck in her birth canal. She was rushed for an emergency C-section where she gave birth to the rest of her puppies.

However, 5 of the 9 puppies did not make it. Elle is dehydrated and underweight, and is currently receiving care along with her surviving puppies.

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