Puppy is scared and crying after his surgery, so vet cradles him like a baby

Being a veterinarian isn’t just about saving animals’ lives – it’s also about having a loving bedside manner too. After all, you can’t explain to these animals what’s happening to them or the fact that you’re helping them.

With anesthesia and other numbing medicines post-surgery, the effects can be confusing, disorienting and overall distressing, as seen in the video below.

Meesha the pup underwent surgery to be spayed, and as she recovered from surgery, a sweet moment happened between her and her doctor.

The vet held Meesha like a baby and peppered her with hugs and kisses to comfort her as she recovered from anesthesia.

The precious pooch was whining in fear, unable to understand why her body felt uncomfortably different. But thanks to her doctor’s caring touch, you can see her begin to calm down.

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And thankfully, that won’t be the last hugs and kisses Meesha will receive. She has been recently adopted by the family pictured below from BARCS animal shelter where Meesha and her brother Charlie were surrendered at only six-weeks-old.

The siblings were from an unwanted and unexpected litter of puppies. The family couldn’t afford to take care of them all, so to ensure that the puppies would find loving, forever homes and be properly cared for, they were given to the BARCS Animal Shelter.

Though the decision wasn’t easy, their efforts ultimately paid off. Meesha is now in a loving home where she will be loved and cared for the rest of her doggy days.

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But in the meantime, the tender moment between Meesha and her veterinarian is immortalized thanks to the video below.

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