12 Human Foods That Could Kill Your Dog

While we often think of our dogs as family members, treating them as such at mealtimes can do more harm to them than merely spoiling them by spicing up their dinners. Here’s #4 of the twelve most dangerous “human” foods that could kill your dog, what's in them, and what it can do to your dogs. (To be taken to the top of this article, CLICK HERE)

#4 – Onion

Image Source: Flickr - ilovebutter
Image Source: Flickr – ilovebutter


While onions go with pretty much anything savory, they can do more than just make your dog cry.

What's In It:

Onions contain compounds that can be harmful to dogs if ingested enough.

What It Can Do:

Onions can damage red blood cells in dogs causing them to become weaker and move around less. If enough onions are consumed, a blood transfusion might be necessary.


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