5 Warning Signs Your Dog Might Be Obese

Here's the five warning signs your dog might be obese, along with the possible consequences of inaction compiled by Dogster:

We have all heard that childhood obesity, to say nothing of obesity in general, is a serious and growing problem in the United States. One attendant problem is that if dog owners are gaining and retaining weight, chances are that their dogs are as well. No matter whose research you’re reading, the findings are consistent: More than half of all dogs in America are overweight or obese.

1. Can you feel your dog’s ribs?

This may seem inane, but it’s one of the simplest methods for discerning whether your dog is becoming obese.

Touch your dog’s chest. Are you able to feel not only the ribs, but clearly discern the spaces between them?

If you’re having to feel around, or apply pressure before making contact with a rib bone, your dog may be overweight.

The rib-cage test is significant because the ribs shelter the lungs, and lungs need room to expand. That room is curtailed by the presence of excessive fatty tissue.

Try to touch your dog's ribs. If it takes effort, the dog might be overweight.

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