5 Warning Signs Your Dog Might Be Obese

Combat canine obesity with consistent effort

Is your dog looking for easy ways to lose weight? Probably not, because he is a dog and will eat and do whatever you permit.

Like Mrs. Pumphrey in All Creatures Great and Small, indulgent dog owners tend to pamper their dogs. Pampering includes overfeeding, too many treats, and too much sedentary hang time.

An obese dog is not going lose significant weight in a week, no more than a person can. Weight loss is perhaps easier for a dog to manage, but dog owners have to be willing to commit.

This dog cannot control what or how much he eats. Only you can do that.

Thankfully, we can be the discretionary and regulatory conscience for our dogs that we often have trouble being for ourselves.

If you want a precise and exact regimen, consult with your veterinarian. The vet will take into account the variables, including breed/mix, age, and overall wellness.

From there, you can work together to schedule the optimal number of meals, feeding times, and portion sizes to reach a more acceptable weight.

Regular exercise is also essential. This is nothing you haven’t heard before, and yet it remains just as vital. Many sources recommend a 15-minute walk twice daily.

Don’t have the time? Engage a professional dog walker! Depending on the breed or mix of dog you have, the physical activities she enjoys may vary.

Is your dog a tug-of-war fan? Does she like to play fetch? Does she enjoy swimming? There are countless ways to keep your dog active throughout her life, but consistency and routine are key.

You can improve the length and quality of your dog's life by helping her maintain a consistent weight.

Making sure your dog is in tip-top shape will greatly benefit him. He will feel more comfortable in his fur and stay healthy!

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