Dog Runs Up To Off-Duty Cop And Begs The Cop To Follow Him Back Into The Forest

Manchester cop Sgt. Charles Brooks was strolling by the woods during his off-duty hours when he encountered a visibly agitated dog, Petie.

Charles assumed that Petie had wandered off from his owner, and decided to help him find his way back to his human.

The kind officer followed the dog’s paw prints along the hiking trail for several hundred yards – and that’s when he found the dog’s disoriented elderly owner!

Source: Pikist

As per a press release by Manchester Police, 78-year-old Fred Rapp was reported as missing by his daughter the previous night. The elderly man had a medical and cognitive condition, and was untraceable since afternoon.

The department immediately initiated a massive search operation for Fred and began tracking his whereabouts through phone GPS.

For hours, Fred’s location continued to change as his vehicle meandered in the dense woods along State Highway 37.

While the overnight search operation turned futile, the cops were finally able to establish a connection with Fred at 5:45 in the morning. The distressed man explained that he had crashed his car in the woods, but had no idea where he was.

Source: Heidi Rapp/New York Post

The cops continued searching for Fred with the help of drones, but there was no sign of the man. This is why it was a moment of rare miracle when Sgt. Charles turned out to be the one to find the missing man – completely by chance and all thanks to his generosity to look out for a “lost dog”!

Source: Manchester Police/Facebook

Fred was treated by Manchester First Aid after rescue, and has now been transported to the Community Medical Center for further evaluation.

It’s difficult to predict how this story would have ended if it wasn’t for Petie’s dedication to venture out and find help for his senior human, or if Charles wasn’t at the right place at the right time.

Cheers to the kindness showed by the officer and the faithfulness of man’s best friend!

Click the video here to watch how Petie’s loyal actions helped find his lost senior owner!

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