Man Sells His Girlfriend’s Puppy On Craigslist While She’s At Work, Then Dumps Her

Ashley Farley, of Santa Clarita, California, was left heartbroken after her and her ex-boyfriend of three months broke up, but not because he left her.

She returned home from work one day to find her five-month-old Pomeranian puppy missing and asked her ex where she was.

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“He looked at me with the most spiteful smile that I’ve ever seen someone give anybody,”Farley told CBS 2. “He said ‘babe, I sold her while you were at work today and it’s over. I’m leaving you.’”

He sold the pup, whose name is Ella, on Craigslist for $600. In the ad, he claimed that he was moving across the country for a new job and couldn’t take his dog with him. Meanwhile, he didn’t even live with Farley and was only visiting.

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Upon Farley’s heartbreaking discovery, her ex told her that Ella is safe and sound in her new home and that she’ll ‘never see her again.’

Farley was devastated, especially since Ella has been her emotional support dog to help her with her anxiety and depression.

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Later that night, Farley’s ex texted her saying he sold Ella to a couple in Lancaster. Farley made a plea online, hoping someone will see that Ella was stolen and would return her. Her story was also aired on several different news channels.

A day after the story aired on Fox 11, Farley received a text that read, “Hi, we have your dog.” The couple who bought her was more than happy to return her beloved pup to her.

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Farley has since reunited with Ella and is so happy and relieved to have her back.

Farley has also filed a police report with the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department after Ella was sold but regardless, Farley says she’s not upset about the breakup, she just wanted Ella back. Thankfully, her prayers were answered.

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