21 Must-Watch Short Films Featuring Dogs That Will Make You Want To Go Hug Your Pup

Dog lovers and pet owners need no introduction to this Listicle. But, for those of you who have had no history with any animal whatsoever, these films can turn into a window to the rare-to-be-found amongst humans’ language – a language that speaks of unconditional love, blinding jealousy (at times!) and painful forlornness.

In your interaction with animals, if you choose to observe closely, you’ll notice a trend in such qualities. But beyond these, they’ll also prove to be good teachers, offering a different perspective to life in itself.

Here are such short films that delve into the minds of man’s best friend, aka the dog, offering a learning opportunity to their psyche and ours as well, in the bargain.

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We scoured the World Wide Web to bring you the best short films featuring dogs, so you and your pup could spend a nice weekend morning watching all of them in bed!

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