21 Must-Watch Short Films Featuring Dogs That Will Make You Want To Go Hug Your Pup

18. Making Dogs Happy, Catalyst

“The dog is man and woman’s best friend, but how good a friend to your dog are you?” asks Catalyst science broadcaster, Jonica Newby. What makes dogs happy, and are we providing it?

Presented in two parts, Making Dogs Happy covers things that matter to dogs: science-based training that benefits dogs and people, subtle indicators of stress often missed in dog behavior, the meaning behind the dog’s ‘guilty look,’ as well as Doglogbook, an app that monitors and maximizes dog well-being.

Here’s Part 1:

…and here’s Part 2:

(Part 2 on YouTube seems to cut off toward the end, so it’s better to watch Part 2 here).

Making Dogs Happy is an upbeat and informative program with the added bonus of Australian accents.

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