Starving Wild Otter Asks Human For Help, Then The Human Does So Much More!

Winter can be a harsh time of year for many animals. Even for animals that do well in the cold climate, food can be scarce. For a wild otter, his empty belly-days were taking a serious toll.

From the frozen waters, the otter saw a man living on his own in a house nearby and wondered if he had some food to spare. The rest is history!

The man, Seppo Laamanen, that was greeted by the hungry otter, gave him some treats and a new name: Livari. Livari was so grateful for the food and his new friend that he began to visit Seppo often, always leaving to go back into the wild tundra with a full belly.

Their friendship continued and even though Livari was undomesticated, he was always very gentle around Seppo, even sitting near him on the porch or running through his home to warm up a bit.

Wild animals should NEVER be fed but when their lives are threatened due to starvation, what choice does one have?

Livari continues to visit Seppo year after year, their bond is otterly precious!

Check out the video below to see how this wonderful pair have bonded together.

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