Reddit User Asks People What Rules Pets Demand Of Them, Answers Are Hysterical

Let’s face it: pets can be pretty bossy, and as their doting pet parents, we love letting them show us who is “really in charge.”

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This Reddit user had no idea his question would cause such an influx. The answers came pouring in, and people are still responding to this interesting question.

Some of the most hysterical answers included these gems:

Reddit user, texxmix, says, “If my dog stands in front of you looks back and puts her butt near you, you must smack the booty.”

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As if that wasn’t funny enough, Reddit user, wishingthebathwater shares, “We call it “paying the toll”. Our doxie will instantly steal your spot if you get up to go to the bathroom or something, and she won’t move until you’ve sufficiently rubbed the belly. So to get your seat back you have to pay the toll.”

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One of our favorites was posted by Reddit user, cheybean, who shares, “If Gizmo places his paw gently upon human’s foot, human must pick him up. If human does not pick him up, Gizmo is allowed to bite big toe.”

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This post probably has you thinking about what rules your pets have implemented. We hope this puts a smile on your face today!

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