Tiny Dog Found Dumped Inside A Sealed Box In Parking Lot With A Shock Collar On

Customers at a supermarket in New Orleans found a taped box moving about in the parking lot.

When they opened the abandoned box, they were shocked to find a tiny Pomeranian cowering in fear in one corner of the box. He was completely matted and had pin-needles through his fur.

Source: WWLTV/YouTube | Metairie Humane Shelter/Facebook

The 2-year-old dog was taken to Metairie Humane Shelter, where he was named Rusty. The workers instantly noticed Rusty’s pronounced fear of humans.

He had a shock collar on and would flinch nervously whenever someone touched him. But thanks to the loving care staff, Rusty slowly began feeling safe around people.

The shelter says Rusty will be ready for adoption within a few weeks. They have cleaned up his dirty fur and got him groomed at a doggie parlor.

A lot of patrons have shown interest in adopting the handsome boy, but he’s still not neutered.

Source: WWLTV/YouTube

The shelter is frustrated at how abusive people like Rusty’s previous owners often escape the criminal consequences of their actions.

They have asked the public to contact the authorities if they have any information on Rusty’s original owners or the ones who dumped him so heartlessly.

Let’s spread the word and help these pathetic owners be found soon.

Click the video below to watch a report on Rusty’s abandonment and his current recovery at the shelter.

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