Goofy Dog Befriends Equally Comical Magpie, What They Do Together Is Outrageous

Sqwark, an Australian magpie, and Whiskey, a Jack Russell terrier, make for one odd pair of playmates.

5-year-old Whiskey lives with his mom Bonnie Thomson in Australia, while Sqwark is literally a “free bird” who frequently visits Whiskey for play-dates!

Source: Bonnie Thomson/YouTube

In this video, we catch Sqwark and Whiskey on one of their adorably bizarre play-dates.

Magpies are known to be bubbling with energy, which makes Sqwark easily match up to Whiskey’s rough gameplay. In fact, the birdie seems to enjoy rolling in the ground like a little puppy!

At times, these silly buddies seem lost in deep conversation, only to revert back to being clowns the very next moment.

Whiskey seems to have a special fascination for a cloth-pin, so Sqwark just lingers around trying to playfully snatch the pin away!

Source: Bonnie Thomson/YouTube

When Mom enters the yard to hang the laundry, the pair jumps in to help her! Sqwark is quick to amuse everyone by doing some serious acrobatic tricks on the rope.

With a friendship as sweet and quirky as this, we are so glad Mom captured and shared this extraordinary encounter with us!

Click the video below to watch this delightful encounter between Whiskey and Sqwark!

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